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What is India Kerala Cardamom?

India Kerala Cardamom is reputed arm of our company in the international market for wholesale & retail of Kerala Cardamom. We are established into various business fields since many years and have a long list of satisfied clients all over the globe including USA, UK, EU, Australia & Middle East due to our customer centric approach and services. We feel immensely proud that due to our valued customer oriented approach, we are one of the top Cardamom supplier firms in India. One of the main essences behind our success is that, we follow strict quality standards to ensure our clients get the worth they are paying for. These well established quality standards are followed in packaging as well as in delivery too. Each packaging is manually checked by our experts to ensure optimum quality. These customer oriented policies have been the backbone of our work process and we work towards achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Why internet as a medium now?

We all know internet is one of the widely used medium of communication and knowledge nowadays. India Kerala Cardamom had been already dealing with Kerala Cardamom in India as well as abroad, with increasing business there felt a need of reaching out to maximum people to serve them. Now, one can avail best quality Kerala Cardamom online. For more detail visit www.indiakeralacardamom.com

Why only “India Kerala Cardamom” as a brand name?

India as a country not only stands for developing nation but also as a country with numerous cultures but one mindset. In the same manner we believe in reaching out to maximum people and provide them with best quality Kerala Cardamom.

Kerala Green Cardamom for Wholesale

5.5 MM Pan Cardamom :-
862 INR / 17.24 USD
6.2 MM Mini Cardamom :-
981 INR / 19.62 USD
7.0 MM Cardamom :-
1025 INR / 20.5 USD
7.5 MM Cardamom :-
1287 INR / 25.74 USD
8.0 MM Cardamom :-
1425 INR / 28.50 USD
9.0 MM Cardamom :-
1575 INR / 31.50 USD
( These are approx. prices per Kg. for minimum order of 50 Kilograms, Cardamom (Elaichi) prices fluctuate on quantity basis, and the more you buy the more you save )